Profession Audiologist
A story of passion

Our history

The genesis of Audio Logique clinic network reflects its visionary identity and its foundations built on passion.

In May 2007, in Victoriaville, the first clinic opened: barely a few months later, a second and third opened their doors in Laurier Station and Thetford Mines.

Over the years, a whole network of clinics has gradually been established, covering an increasingly large territory. In order to better meet the needs of a growing number of clients, the team has been gradually expanding since 2016 with the arrival of new audiologists and a nurse as well.

It is after a decade of servicing the community that the name Audio Logique succeeds that of Clinique Marie Ève Lessard, in 2017.

The Audio Logique team continues to grow continuously: over the past 5 years, the number of clinics has exploded from 4 to 15.

Audio Logique is the fabulous story of a hearing health professional who was able to push the limits of her expertise and share her passion with a wide range of people.

Our Identity


Your passionate audiologists have been accessible across Quebec for more than 15 years in clinics, at work, in schools and preschools.

At Audio Logique, we support you in prevention, education and rapid management of your hearing health.

Our human approach demonstrates our commitment to making a difference that can be heard and understood!

Our identity


In establishing and applying our professional identity, we take to heart:


  • Respect for our customers and our work colleagues requires cordial exchanges where everyone has a place to express themselves.
  • Staff members make every effort to support each other in order to provide a superior service to our customers.


  • Collaboration within the company and with public and private healthcare professionals forms the basis of our practice.
  • Commitment as a care partner with each client to promote complete and satisfactory care for everyone.


  • Continuous improvement in standards of practice and development of innovative services.
  • Freedom of choice in solutions to problems.
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