Frequently Asked Question

  • Is it necessary to have a medical reference to make an audiology appointment?


    You can make an appointment with us whenever you feel the need.

  • How much does a complete audiological evaluation cost?

    Please contact us to find out more. Please note that most private insurance companies, the CNESST, Veterans Affairs or the SAAQ can cover the evaluation costs.

  • What are the waiting times for an appointment?

    About 2 weeks.

  • What if I need an ENT appointment…?

    The audiologist and his team will be happy to take charge, if you wish, of planning your appointment.

  • What criteria must we meet to obtain a hearing aid paid for by the RAMQ?

    According to the RAMQ, the hearing aid program is intended for anyone insured by the Quebec health insurance plan, who has a hearing impairment and who meets the following eligibility conditions:

    • Person under the age of 12 with a hearing impairment likely to compromise their development of speech and language;
    • Person aged 12 or over and under 19, with one ear affected by an average hearing loss of at least 25 decibels;
    • Person 19 years of age or over with one ear affected by an average hearing loss of at least 25 decibels, and who is pursuing a study program leading to a diploma, certificate or certificate of studies recognized by the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport;
    • Person whose ear with the greatest hearing capacity is affected by an average hearing loss of at least 35 decibels (no age limit);
    • Person who, in addition to a hearing impairment, has other impairments and whose set of functional limitations prevents his social, educational or professional integration (no age limit).

    In some cases:

    • People under 19 and people with a visual impairment can benefit from a second hearing aid (binaural hearing aid);
    • Persons 19 years of age or older, if this improvement is essential to the pursuit of recognized studies or work providing them with a salary or a benefit, in particular such as:
    • Self-employed
    • Worker benefiting from support measures for integration and job retention. Intern in the employability development process.
  • If an assessment confirms the presence of occupational deafness, what are the steps to follow to submit a request to open or review a file with the CNESST?

    The steps to follow for opening or requesting a review of a file at the CNESST, in the event of occupational deafness, are:

    • Have your hearing assessed by an audiologist.
    • Draw up your employment history (names of employers and dates of positions). This information is available at:
      • Quebec Pension Board: 1 (800) 463-5185
      • The Quebec Construction Commission: 1 (888) 842-8282
    • Complete the following forms:
      • The worker's claim
      • The appendix to the worker's claim
    • Meet the ENT doctor: he will give you a medical certificate to send with the rest of the forms.
      • Mail all of the following documents to the CNESST in your region:
      • Your audiological evaluation (report and audiogram)
      • The worker's claim
      • The appendix to the complaint request
      • The medical certificate signed by the ENT doctor
      • A copy of your employment history (RRQ or CCQ)

    Occupational deafness: AQOA https://aqoa.qc.ca/surdite-professionnelle-2/

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