Frequently Asked Question

  • What is hyperacusis?

    The hyperacousic person perceives sounds as being abnormally loud, which induces in them a negative reaction to everyday sounds. The sounds of the dishes, the vacuum cleaner and even the voice become sounds considered too loud, unpleasant and uncomfortable. This condition can cause, among other things, stress, anxiety and isolation.

  • How do we reduce the disturbance caused by hyperacusis?
    • Avoid overprotecting your ears. It is not recommended to constantly wear hearing protectors. Although essential in the presence of loud noises, daily activities rarely require the wearing of hearing protectors. Overprotecting the ears tends to decrease tolerance to sounds rather than increase it.
    • Maintain a sense of control. If you can, be the person responsible for the volume of the television or radio, so you can turn the volume to a comfortable level for you.
    • Avoid complete silence. The presence of background noise is recommended (ventilation, soft music, white noise, etc.).
    • Expose yourself to sounds to increase your tolerance gradually.
    • Use relaxation techniques when sounds become unmanageable; this will help reduce stress and anxiety that may be related to hyperacusis.
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