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Hearing screening

Hearing screening can detect 
most of permanent or temporary
hearing loss

It allows us to determine if further evaluation is needed.

For a worker exposed to noise, a hearing screening is recommended on a regular basis in order to rule out the appearance of potential hearing damage and monitor the risk of aggravation. An audiology referral can be made if needed. In addition, recommendations are issued to properly protect each worker and limit the risks associated with exposure to noise.

For children, it is recommended to have a hearing screening annually since certain problems, such as ear infections and wax plugs, can reappear and produce temporary hearing loss.

If a hearing screening is found to be failed, a full audiological evaluation will be recommended.

Who is the hearing screening for?

  • Industries

    In industry, we offer a hearing screening service via our mobile unit.

    Several risks are associated with exposure to noise. Also, many health impacts result from this. According to CSA Z1007:1, hearing screening for each worker must be conducted annually.

    A hearing screening also allows companies to reduce their potential health and safety costs since they are able to identify workers at risk. Thus, it is possible to make changes to better equip and protect certain workers. It is also possible to assess the effectiveness of workers' hearing protection.

    Employers must PROTECT themselves when hiring new employees, because exposure to excessive noise in former positions may have led to OCCUPATIONAL INJURY. The same is true when workers leave their jobs; they must guard against any FUTURE LEGAL ACTION, whether they are hired by a new employer or retired. In addition, employers must determine over time whether or not their workers are suffering from noise-induced hearing damage on a regular basis.

    If a hearing screening is found to be failed, a full audiological evaluation will be recommended.

  • Schools and ECC

    Audio Logique travels to the school environment to carry out a hearing screening activity. Even mild hearing loss can affect a child's academic progress. In addition, a hearing problem can make the child seem inattentive. As a school director or teaching staff, you can contact us to set up hearing screening at your location via our mobile clinic.

    ** A hearing screening does not replace a doctor's or speech therapist's request for a comprehensive hearing test. **

    In children, hearing screening allows:

    • To ensure that the external auditory canals are free of cerumen (ear wax).
    • Check that the eardrum has good mobility and that there is no suspected fluid behind it.
    • Determine if your child detects low-intensity sounds. This activity takes place in the form of games.

    Otitis or congestion of the middle ear are common causes of hearing screening failures. If the hearing screening fails, the child will be referred to a family doctor, an ENT doctor, or an audiological evaluation will be offered.

    Why register my child for hearing screening?

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Mobile clinic

We are offering a new mobile clinic service to make hearing screening more accessible. Whether it is for an industry, a school or a daycare, we travel to do the screenings in your area.

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