Why register my child for hearing screening?

Did you know that an ear infection can cause hearing loss, although usually temporary?

Even if the hearing screening has been passed by the child at birth, the presence of mild, permanent or temporary hearing loss is possible. Often undiagnosed, it can affect school learning and language development: it will give the impression that the child is inattentive or that the child's abilities are lesser than those of peers.

The audiological screening is not a complete hearing evaluation and as such does not replace one, which may have been requested by a health professional (doctor, speech therapist, etc.). However, this examination allows the audiologist to identify:

  • If your child can adequately hear the sounds (frequencies) that are essential for hearing speech;
  • If the eardrums vibrate normally and whether or not the middle ear (cavity behind the eardrum) contains fluid.

Screening actually helps determine if a full hearing assessment is needed.