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  • My child has swimmer's ear, what is it?

    Otitis externa, or swimmer's ear, is an infection in the external auditory canal, so in front of the eardrum. This infection is often caused by swimming (hence the origin of the term) in water contaminated by a microorganism such as a bacterium or a fungus that stagnates in the external auditory canal. It can also be caused by irritation of the conduit attributable to a dermatological problem (eg eczema) or the use of an external object (eg cotton swab). This kind of ear infection may require treatment prescribed by the doctor.

  • How do you prevent swimmer's ear?
    • Avoid swimming with your head submerged in contaminated water (polluted lakes, poorly maintained pools, etc.);
    • Teach your child not to put his finger, cotton swab or objects in his ears, as these can irritate and even injure the external auditory canal.
    • After swimming, wipe your child's pinna, but not the ear canal. You can also ask your child to tilt their head to remove as much water as possible from their ears.

    Swimmer's ear infection: https://naitreetgrandir.com/fr/sante/naitre-grandir-sante-enfant-mal-oreille-otite-baigneur/

  • My child has otitis media, what is it?

    Otitis media is when fluid accumulates behind the eardrum due to poor ventilation of the middle ear. There are 2 types of otitis media. The first is serous otitis, which is often called silent otitis due to the absence of symptoms most of the time. Uninfected fluid collects behind the eardrum. The second is acute otitis media. Infected fluid builds up, causing inflammation or pressure on the eardrum. If the pressure becomes very strong, the eardrum may rupture and fluid will leak from the ear. Generally, the presence of otitis media causes mild hearing loss that is temporary. The audiologist is the professional who will quantify the hearing loss associated with the presence of fluid (otitis). Some ear infections will go away on their own, while others require medical attention.

    Otitis media: https://naitreetgrandir.com/fr/sante/naitre-grandir-sante-enfant-mal-oreille-otite/

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