Hearing health in children
is essential to ensure
the development of
learning and language

Hearing loss can affect academic learning and language development. An otitis can also cause hearing loss that is usually temporary. In addition, they can give the impression that the child is inattentive. An audiological evaluation can reveal a hearing problem even if the hearing screening at birth was successful.

Some problems like fluid in the middle ear cavity or a wax plug can reappear over time. The middle ear is where fluid accumulate that forms ear infections. Make sure your child has adequate hearing to progress well!

Pediatric audiological assessment

A complete in-clinic audiological evaluation is offered. This service is personalized according to the child's age and development. Our team will be able to inform you if the hearing is optimal for the development of language and learning.

ECC, daycares and schools

Our team travels to childcare centers, daycare centers and schools to offer its services with the mobile clinic. We are thus able to offer hearing screening on site. Parents do not have to travel and receive the results of the screening the same evening. If you would like to offer this service in your area, or to find out when we will be visiting your area, contact us.

What services are offered?