Frequently Asked Question

  • How many workers must be registered for the industrial hearing screening for the activity to take place?

    We require a minimum of 30 workers to move the mobile unit for the hearing screening project. Following a failure in the hearing screening, the worker will be referred for a complete audiological evaluation.

    Difference between Screening and Evaluation (French version only)

  • How many workers is it possible to see per day during the hearing screening activity?

    Depending on the number of professionals on site, it is possible to see between 100 to 150 workers per day. Our team will adapt to your shifts to allow you to continue production with the minimum possible restrictions on your operations.

  • What are our hearing health obligations as an industry in the province of Quebec?

    As of June 2023, a new government decree will modify the regulations concerning noise exposure in the province of Quebec. The noise levels measured must not exceed 85dBA for an 8:00 work shift. Every 5 years, the employer must assess each work situation to ensure that the standard is respected. If the workers' noise exposure is greater than 85dBA, the employer must put in place reasonable means to eliminate or reduce the noise at the source.

    The Audio Logique team offers industrial noise measurement services (dosimetry and sonometry). Afterwards, a complete report is given to you, including recommendations on the solutions to be applied in order to make your business even safer for your employees. If the employer has to provide hearing protectors, he will have to provide the workers with theoretical and practical training on hearing health and noise. This training is offered by our qualified professionals.

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  • If I have hearing loss, do I still need noise protection?

    Even in the presence of hearing loss, noise can still damage your hearing. It is therefore necessary to continue to protect yourself in noisy situations. However, it is necessary to adapt your protection to ensure your safety. Do you wear a hearing aid? Talk to your audiologist about your options for hearing protection

  • What is the best hearing protector?

    Several models are available to you (in-ear plugs, shells, personalized protection, etc.). Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Your choice should be based on the following 3 criteria:

    • It must meet your job's need for hearing protection;
    • It must be well placed and comfortable enough to be worn continuously;
    • It must be easy to use and not interfere with the wearing of other protective equipment.

    The following video walks you through different options along with some pros and cons of each. https://savoir.media/factors-de-risque/clip/protection-auditive-laquelle-choisir

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