Our audiology services
Adult audiological evaluation

The complete audiological evaluation enables us to determine the nature and the degree of hearing loss if present, as well as the functional consequences which result from it

Among other things, this test can frequently discover the probable cause of tinnitus. In addition, we can determine the presence of noise-induced hearing loss. From the age of 50, we recommend a complete assessment of your hearing on a regular basis.


Among the consequences related to hearing problems, it is possible to note: 

  • Difficulty maintaining conversations, especially in the presence of noise
  • A decrease in social activities (isolation)
  • Increased fatigue

Our team of audiologists will be able to issue the recommendations required to improve your quality of life and to refer you quickly to an ENT if necessary. If you have special needs (cognitive impairment, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, etc.), our team will adjust the assessment

Who is the audiological evaluation for?

  • Industries

    In the event that an employee fails the hearing screening, he will be advised to perform a complete audiological evaluation in order to establish the nature of the hearing problem and identify the cause. In addition, we will be able to document the functional consequences of the hearing loss as well as issue personalized recommendations to prevent, slow down or treat the problem.

    Hearing impairment can lead to reduced efficiency, a higher risk of falls, a greater prevalence of accidents and communication problems at work.

    We recommend a complete audiological evaluation upon hiring a new worker for a noisy environment in order to decide whether hearing damage emerged from previous jobs or from a particular personal hearing condition. We aim to reduce your health and safety costs at work.

  • Adults

    A complete audiological evaluation to find out the main causes of your hearing problems (deafness, tinnitus, blocked ear, etc.) and to provide you with the necessary recommendations.

    If you suffer from tinnitus (hissing, buzzing or ringing in the ears), a complete audiological evaluation can determine the probable cause. When the tinnitus is too bothersome, we can develop an intervention plan to help you.

    Sound intolerance is a symptom that may require a full audiological evaluation to determine the type. We can also design an intervention plan to limit its impact on your quality of life.

    If you have been exposed to noise in your work environment and you have doubts about the quality of your hearing, it is relevant to carry out a complete audiological evaluation to validate your eligibility for the CNESST.

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