Our audiology professionals
A competent and passionate team

Marie-Ève Lessard,
Audiologist, owner

Her warm and personalized approach will certainly please you! Always smiling, Marie-Ève Lessard welcomes you to her clinics with great pleasure.

Her passion for the profession and her notable dynamism enabled her to set up private practices in audiology, in Victoriaville, Thetford Mines and Laurier-Station first. Since then, several other points of service have opened their doors!

Marie-Ève takes the satisfaction of her clients to heart: she wants to work with them and do everything possible to improve their quality of life.

Andréanne Trudeau,
Audiologist, co-owner

Andréanne is a passionate audiologist with a wealth of experience acquired in several different practice environments within the profession.

Her professional curiosity leads her, day after day, to further improve the practice in audiology with the members of the team in order to offer you the best possible services. It is with this in mind that she joined Marie-Ève Lessard for the opening of the Granby clinic.

Adressing your needs while respecting your values and your autonomy is her priority!

Stéphanie Lauzière,


Smiling and caring, Stéphanie is an audiologist who stands out for her ability to listen and her good sense of humor. In addition to being authentic and professional, her priority is to meet your hearing health needs.

Her goal: to improve your quality of life!

Sophie Lamontagne, 

Sophie Lamontagne

Sophie is a smiling and dynamic audiologist who, through her generosity, takes the time to listen to your hearing needs. In addition to her enthusiasm, it is with pleasure that she will offer you professional and quality services.

Your hearing health and quality of life are always her priorities!

Geneviève Roy, 

Geneviève Roy

Geneviève is a dynamic and smiling audiologist. With more than 9 years of experience in pediatrics and general clientele, she will be keen to answer your questions and be attentive to your hearing health needs. Passionate, she will know how to make your interview pleasant, personalized, full of kindness and professionalism.

Improving your quality of life is her main objective!

Audrey Lalancette, 

Audrey Lalancette

Audrey is a friendly and organized audiologist. In addition to receiving you with great openness, she will know how to carry out the evaluation of your hearing in a diligent and rigorous manner. She will adapt to your needs and preferences in order to offer you personalized service that respects your values.

Her objectives: Improve quality of life and maintain good hearing health.

Janie Boucher, 

Janie is a spontaneous and endearing audiologist. Its primary objective; put you at ease so that you can easily discuss all your needs.

She will be proactive in determining the best possible solutions for you and those around you. You will certainly benefit from the bond of trust that she will be able to create with you.

Kathia Faust

With more than 10 years of experience with a varied clientele, Kathia is an audiologist who stands out as much for her gentle approach as for her professionalism. Since the beginning of her career, she has been keen to offer the best service and to perfect her knowledge through training. Herself a mother of two children, she has a particular interest in pediatric patients, with whom she knows how to adapt easily and demonstrate creativity.

Brigitte Sauvageau

Passionate audiologist, Brigitte is always looking for new challenges. It is for this reason that she has been able to diversify and develop her practice over the years through different training courses. She has, among other things, expertise at the vestibular level. She will know how to put you at ease by distinguishing herself by her calm and attentiveness. She is committed to meeting your hearing health needs.

Joëlle Brodeur, 

Joëlle is a radiant audiologist whose warm nature facilitates the establishment of a bond of trust. His passion for hearing health translates into a constant desire to deepen his knowledge and take on new challenges. His caring professionalism is distinguished by his desire to find optimal solutions for you and your loved ones. Its goal is to improve your quality of life, while adopting a personalized approach imbued with empathy.

Kira Barrette
language stimulation agent

Calm and attentive, Kira is a language stimulation agent who stands out for her creativity and her passion for early childhood. Always looking for new challenges and new learnings, she has several diplomas to her credit. Versatile, she also supports the team of audiologists during pediatric hearing assessments.

She is committed to supporting you in developing your child's full potential while respecting their limits and interests. It is with great pleasure that she will offer you professional and quality service.

Myriam Arseneau
speech therapist

Myriam is an energetic and empathetic speech therapist who loves working with toddlers. She accompanies families with kindness and takes the well-being of her patients to heart. His great curiosity leads him to always want to reinvent himself and seek out new expertise. Assessment through play and the interests of the child is an approach that she particularly likes. She will know how to put you at ease from the first meeting.

Emmanuelle Tremblay, 

Emmanuelle is a smiling and meticulous nurse. Her diversified experience, her good humor and her professionalism make your satisfaction her priority. She takes part in several hearing screening projects in industries, schools and ECC in order to support the team of audiologists.

Passionate about sustainable development, she collaborates with Vanessa Luneau in this aspect.

Kathrine Grenier

Kathrine is a dedicated and passionate nurse. She will welcome you with dynamism and energy. Her experience with adult and pediatric clients allows her to be comfortable with people of all ages. In addition, his business experience will allow him to answer your questions about hearing health in the workplace.

Its objective is to ensure that you preserve your hearing through prevention and education in healthy lifestyle habits related to your hearing health.

Vanessa Luneau, 
reception assistant and responsible for sustainable development

Vanessa is the wonderful assistant who coordinates all the clinics at Audio Logique. She is also responsible for the sustainable development component. Being the first contact with customers, she will charm you on the phone as much as in person.

Vanessa has the desire to offer you a welcome that takes place warmly in a good mood. She listens to young and old alike and will put you at ease from the very beginning.

Its greatest pleasure, seeing you leave our clinics with a smile!

Frédérike Richard-Dostie, 
reception assistant

Frédérike provides valuable assistance to Vanessa in administrative support within the Audio Logique clinics. Her experience as a nurse enhances her approach to all clients. She cares about the hearing health of individuals. His passion for this field is reflected in his daily commitment to directing patients to the appropriate department as well as providing an efficient clerical service.

What is an Audiologist?

According to the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec, the audiologist is the health professional who ensures the prevention, evaluation and treatment of hearing disorders (deafness, tinnitus, etc.) and of the vestibular system ( dizziness, vertigo, etc.).

The audiologist studies the harmful effects of noise on hearing and overall health: more specifically, he or she focuses on occupational noise-induced hearing loss (linked to prolonged exposure to noise in the workplace) and hearing loss resulting from recreational habits harmful to hearing, such as prolonged listening to music.

The audiologist assesses the specific needs of the patient in various situations: at school, at home, at work, in social activities, etc. Whether it is to promote the ability to communicate, autonomy or the integration of a person, the audiologist's goal is to provide complete services adapted to each individual.

Our audiologists are members of 

Ordre des orthophoniste et audiologiste du Québec