Our audiology services
Sonometry and dosimetry

Noise measurements are used to determine ambient noise levels and determine a worker's noise exposure dose

Each mandate is different and the audiologist will take the time to determine with you your specific needs associated with the required measurements. Recommendations will be provided later to make the environment safer and/or more suitable.

Who is the sonometry & dosimetry service for? 


With dosimetry, we are able to measure an employee's daily noise exposure dose. Thus, we have the possibility of evaluating over a period, directly at the ear of the employee, the dose of noise received. This evaluation makes it possible to issue recommendations; change behaviors in the workplace, insulate machinery, reduce noise at the source, and more.

Early childhood center and daycare

Too high and frequent noise levels can impair language development. Children may experience difficulties if the acoustics of their daycare environment are not optimal.

Our team will offer you acoustic recommendations following an on-site visit and measurement readings. We can recommend ways / strategies to reduce ambient noise.