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Why is it important to prevent hearing problems? Noisy surroundings put workers at risk of developing occupational deafness over the years. Hearing disorders account for nearly 70% of occupational diseases and can occur quite insidiously, if:

  • hearing protection is non-existent or inadequate;
  • employees are exposed to noise for too long;
  • the level of ambient noise is too high;
  • workers have certain predispositions.

Facts in industries ...

  • Did you know that a change to the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety with respect to noise in industries will come into force on June 16, 2023!
  • In 2023, the new government decree 781 will impose a regulatory exposure to noise in the province of Quebec at 85dB now for a work period of 8 hours.
  • Every 5 years, the employer will have to assess each work situation that exceeds the exposure limit values in order to determine reasonable ways to eliminate or reduce noise at the source in order to reduce workers' exposure to noise. As a result of these measures, you are given a comprehensive report including recommendations on how to make your business even safer for your employees.
  • The result of a measurements carried out within two years of the entry into force of the Regulation may be used for the purposes of the new obligations.
  • When the employer must provide hearing protectors, it must provide workers with theoretical training every 2 years and practical training annually according to CSA Z1007:16. It is mandatory by the Government Decree 781 in the province of Quebec.
  • According to CSA Z1007:1, hearing screening for each worker must be conducted annually.
  • Standards EN 458: 2016 and Z94.2-14 report the need to carry out a hearing protection fit-test on a regular basis, i.e. maximum every 2 years. This allows us to determine if it is really effective depending on the shape of the ear canal and the insertion (fit test). Studies mention that about 40% of workers do not optimally wear their protectors. How many of your employees is that?
  • In accordance with the CSA Z1007:1 standard, Audio Logique allows you to develop your complete hearing prevention program through all its services.

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