The logical reflex in hearing health!

Are you looking for a health professional for the evaluation of your hearing (complete hearing test), for an ear cleaning, to find out about tinnitus, for a CNESST expertise or for any other questions relating to your ears' health? If so, the Audio Logique team is here for you!

Our hearing health professionals stand out for their specialized pediatric assessment component, in addition to an occupational health and safety constituent that is perfectly adapted to the industrial sector. We also offer screening activities in daycares and pharmacies to facilitate access to our services.

Our audiologists are the first step in your hearing journey and they are at the heart of a set of resources designed to support you throughout the progress. Making appointments for hearing aids and otorhinolaryngology (ORL) as well as follow-ups will be greatly facilitated by our administrative team. You will be delighted by the fast, efficient and professional service provided by Clinique Audio Logique. Your well-being and quality of life are our top priority!


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